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I developed the Taxaw Temm web platform, focusing on creating interactive features, ensuring accessibility of the 'Taxaw Temm!' toolkit online, and enhancing digital security awareness to combat cyberbullying.


he GBST E-commerce Platform, developed using Odoo, represents a transformative leap in online shopping. This innovative solution is tailored to streamline and enhance the e-commerce operations of GBST Company.

The GBST E-commerce Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to optimize GBST Company’s online retail operations. This platform aims to provide an intuitive and efficient online shopping experience for customers while offering robust management functionalities for GBST’s team.

Key Features:

Efficient Shopping Experience: The platform is designed to offer customers a seamless shopping experience. From product browsing to order checkout, every step is optimized for ease of use.
Inventory Management: GBST’s team can efficiently manage inventory, update product availability, and track stock levels, ensuring customers have access to accurate product information.
Secure Payment Processing: Integrated payment gateways provide a secure payment processing experience for customers.
Responsive Design: The platform is responsive and accessible across various devices, ensuring customers can shop from their desktops or mobile devices.

The GBST E-commerce Platform is a strategic move to enhance the company’s online presence, engage with customers more effectively, and boost sales. This innovative solution not only improves the shopping experience but also empowers GBST’s team with the tools they need to manage their online store efficiently

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